Greetings Dome On-line Visitors.

2017 is well under way, and we have a lot of exciting sports and community events coming up, beginning with our Dome Olympics on March 4.

On the same day our Fruehschoppen will be open, and Get2 will be playing music all day.



Upcoming Events

Looks like the 4th of March will be a busy one for The Dome Swakopmund. Since Volleyball is a growing sport, The Dome Swakopmund, Refuse Solution, NVF and Time out is giving the opportunity for anyone interested to join this fun day with them. 

The Coca Cola Dome Olympics
This fun event brings people of different cultures and sporting codes together, as well as the type of people not taking part in any sport at all but like doing fun exercises. 
  • 8 players per team
  • 10 obstacle course activities 
  • The event's duration is 3 hours.
We welcome all to have fun and a blast at our Coca Cola Dome Olympic Day. 
March the 4th at 9am in the Dome Hall.