Greetings and thank you for the visit! This year is roaring to a close at the Dome. We just finished a very successful event, the Swaitex trade expo. Thousands of people swept through the Dome to check out the cars, business stands, food outlets and rides!

This past weekend we had an even bigger event, the Dome Classic, which was a three day event with unbelievable speakers like world adventurer, Riaan Manser, 9 time Comrades Marathon winner, Bruce Fordyce, Olympic pole vaulter, Okkert Brits and Namibian Rugby hero, Jacques Burger, culminating in a major body building competition hosted by Marius and Annalize Döhne! It was absolutely awesome, and we want to do it again every year!

Next up will be the Safland Seven's Rugby Tournament and the Real Madrid Foundation Youth Soccer Clinic!

Click here to go the the Real Madrid Foundation Clinic website!