Event Design & Marketing Services

We ensure that all your event design/marketing elements contribute to a central theme in such a way as to leave a powerful and lasting impact on your guests and clients. The success of any event depends on how you execute the countdown. This phase is often neglected during the run-up to the big day. Taking the time and initiative to plan the preliminary elements, with a focus on consistent design quality and messaging is the key to ensuring the best possible results on the day of the event. A strategic approach to event branding involves the creation of elements designed solely to build awareness and maximise the hype prior to the event itself.

Professional event design enhances your invitations, tickets, advertising and your social media pages during the countdown and will generate as much interest as possible – boosting attendance and creating some welcome buzz around the event during the weeks or months leading upto the event. With all elements of the event working together in synergy, the journey should be seamless – that way, your audience will have the most engaging experience possible. Maintaining a sense of consistency throughout the event branding process guarantees results. Exploring how different elements interact to communicate your core message, you’ll deliver a meaningful and memorable event. With this in mind, The Dome Swakopmund has a pre-event Marketing Package available to provide additional support and assistance to your event team.

There are various packages available to suit various events, but these are the basic elements which we can create for events. If you require unique elements not listed these can also be sourced or produced on request: Event Logo Design, Poster Design, Leaflet Design, Advert Design, Facebook Event Banner, Facebook Pre-Event Teaser Post, Facebook Event Info Post, Digital Emailer Invitation, LED Board Pre-Event Advert, LED Board Event Welcome Sign, Ticket Design, VIP Voucher Design.  

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