Extreme athlete Gaven Sinclair trains at The Health & Wellness Centre

South African extreme athlete and motivational speaker, Gaven Sinclair, was training within the Health and Wellness Club in February.

The 44-year old South African became famous two years ago after he cycled from Cape to Cairo in the name of charity - raising awareness for Missing Children South Africa (MCSA). He completed the grueling 10100 kilometers in an impressive nine months.

Sinclair is now in the process of running through a variety of southern African countries to continue raising awareness for MCSA, stopping over in Swakopmund for an extended period to arrange logistics for his final venture through the Namibian and South African desert to Cape Town.

His stop-over also included a sparring session with The Dome Swakopmund's professional boxer and current IBF Lightweight Africa Champion, Albinus 'Danny Boy' Felesianu.

"Absolutely incredible facility with state-of-the-art equipment and very good staff", Sinclair said about the Health & Wellness Centre.