Fight Night with Danny Boy

On March 20, 2017, the Dome Swakopmund began what it hopes will be a long standing tradition and regular adrenaline boost into our relaxed coastal veins: Fight Night!


The draw card of the evening was Danny Boy, who holds three championship titles (the IBF World Youth Title, the NWBA Intergovernmental Title and the IBF Intercontinental Title). He lost twice in the early days of his career, but not since. It has been eight years!  His record now stands at 2 losses vs 208 wins.


Danny Boy is training for another Championship set to take place April 29, the WBC Silver title, which Danny Boy hopes to have here at the Dome. To prep him properly, it required 4 different fighters taking shifts against him over twelve rounds, some far and away above his weight class (Danny weighs in around 60 kilograms).


All of his opponents on Fight Night were quite capable boxers, and clearly wanted to show that to the crowd. Some even got Danny Boy on the ropes and landed a few head shots, but none truly tested the diminutive champion.  But every single fighter ended his time in the ring with Danny Boy with a truly appreciative embrace, proud to demonstrate their friendship to the crowd.


There was a long build up to the climactic fight with Danny Boy, including young Charlie Gideon, Danny Boy’s protégé, who successfully defended his youth trophy. Boxers from Arandis, Windhoek and Walvis Bay came to fight in bitterly contested bouts while performers from the Infinity Lounge entertained the crowd between fights. There were over 400 fans enjoying this exhibition, a trial run for both the fighters and for the Dome. But it was perhaps more than that. As our own Dave Hammond described the action, “It was a night where history was represented over three generations, with Harry Simon in attendance, still looking for one more big fight to cap off his career, watching Danny Boy at the peak of profession with his young protégé, Charlie, in tow.”


Danny Boy was the driving force behind this fight and its principal promoter. At every stage he was extremely professional and helpful, even pitching in to put up and tear down the ring! He is always available for pictures with the kids and interviews with the press. Danny doesn’t drink, or party at all. He spends his time with his five year old son, whom he says has great boxing intelligence! His son is his main focus in life after his boxing. He likes to spend time on the beach and he likes to watch movies, especially comedies, like Tyler Perry’s Madea movies.


Danny started boxing at 14. He is now 25, and speculates he has about five years left in his career. He has obtained a new coach, George Campanus, whose father was a legendary coach in South Africa. George grew up in the gym, learning to train himself and others. He is a marine scientist now, but the ring has called him home, it seems, and he is making an impact. Danny reckons George has truly uplifted the standard in Namibia, and there are a lot of great young boxers here to elevate the sport. Danny helps a lot in this respect, spending a lot of time with the young boxers himself, mentoring his boxers on careers as well as sport, teaching them how to fight in the ring and outside of it!


The Dome and Danny Boy are looking to grow Dome Fight Night into a recurring event where local and international talent from amateur to professional can showcase their talents. Thanks to our main sponsor of the event, Bain’s Whiskey. The Dome also enjoyed important contributions from Corporate Gear, Live It, Infinity Lounge, the Dome Health and Wellness Centre, the Locker Room, Events Link Africa, Boost and Nautilus Studios. The Dome would also like to thank NBC TV for their excellent coverage.