St. Patrick's Day a major success

The Dome Swakopmund’s first ever St. Patrick’s Day Party, hosted on 17 March, has been a major success as close to 200 people flocked to the rooftop deck to enjoy the festivities.

In accordance with the theme of this Irish holiday, the venue was decorated in green to give the visiting guests a genuine St. Patrick’s Day feeling. Irish cuisine and green-colored beer complimented the decorations.

Adding to this, the organisers also made provisions for a variety of games, including beer pong, “Nageln” and musical chairs, which kept the guests entertainment throughout the day. Tons of prizes were handed out.

“We are very happy with the turnout and we plan to build on this success in the future. Next year we want to organise a whole parade through Swakopmund”, Dave Hammond, The Dome’s Marketing Manager and main organisor, said.