The Dome Swakopmund goes green

The Dome Swakopmund continues to set new benchmarks in Namibia as the country’s premier sporting and lifestyle facility has recently commissioned a solar photovoltaic installation of 100 kW on its roof.

The set-up will now cover up to 70% of The Dome Swakopmund’s electricity consumption with clean and cheap solar energy.

Due to the Net Metering possibility established by regional power provider Erongo RED, it is now possible to feed electricity back into the public grid and get a reward for each kWh fed in.

The investment costs for such major solar installations are very attractive, since the payback time for it is projected to be around 3 to 4 years. After that, the electricity is basically for free to the investor.

In addition, the maintenance costs for the installation are virtually zero for the next 25 years and there is a product guarantee on the solar panels for the same period of time, making this investment even more worthwhile.

The Dome, Swakopmund’s most iconic landmark, is known as a pioneer for sports and youth development as well as event organisation. As a frontrunner in Namibia’s sporting family, it was clear that The Dome connected with the leading solar company, which also sponsors the biggest youth soccer league in the country: HopSol Namibia.

The Windhoek-based company completed the Installation in just one week.

“It is vital that a building of this magnitude takes initiative to help create a cleaner environment. It is also very cost-effective to us. We choose to partner with HopSol Namibia because we have a shared passion for sport and youth development”, said Horst Fritze, Co-Founder and CEO of The Dome Swakopmund.

The Dome proved again that progress, innovation and ecological awareness can be combined to be even more competitive for the future.